Kieklak Christmas 2013

Steve & I headed to Fayetteville last Saturday to hang out with my family for a few days before heading to Oklahoma City to spend some time with his family. It wasn’t a good car ride, since it was raining every second of the way, but we got to Fayetteville in time for dinner Saturday night.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with my three older siblings, their spouses, and our five nephews (all under the age of three). Needless to say, there was never a dull moment!

My sister and I decorated some cookies with the two oldest little boys.

christmas 2013 8

And I got to help my mom out in the kitchen (find our Christmas Breakfast Casserole recipe here).

christmas 2013 7

My brothers enjoyed playing some bluegrass, with my brother-in-law on the guitar. This is something that happens whenever my family gets together.

christmas 2013 6

We even built a manger to help demonstrate the Christmas story to the little boys.

christmas 2013 5

Steve & Nike had fun playing in my parents’ giant back yard.

christmas 2013 4

Here you can see my mom’s cute nutcracker place card holders:

christmas 2013 3

christmas 2013 2

We ate well, laughed a lot, and spent most of our time wrangling the little boys. I’m so blessed to have five nephews, and it was so fun having everyone all in one place for a few days. Since we’re all married and most of us live 10 or more hours away, it’s a rare treat to get to spend so much time together.

christmas 2013 1

Now we’re at Steve’s parents’ house in OKC. It’s a drastic change of pace from my family, since it’s just the six of us here, but it’s been really relaxing so far.  While the fun with my family lies in playing with nephews, here it’s in curling up with a good book, playing boardgames, and watching football. Hopefully we’ll be fully rested by the time we get back to Louisville on Sunday night.

We’re so blessed to have been able to spend time with both of our families this Christmas, especially now that we live so much farther away. I pray that you have also been blessed with family time this Christmas, and are getting well geared-up for a new year!

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