Kieklak Twins’ Baby Shower

kieklak twins shower

Last week, the sweet ladies on staff at our church threw the boys a baby shower.

twins shower 1

There were cute decorations everywhere, but I was too busy to get many pictures. There were also delicious gluten free treats. They used my recipe for donut holes, and made a strawberry granola trifle (if you follow me on Instagram, you know strawberries are my love language right now), a breakfast casserole, and meatballs – so many gluten free choices!

twins shower 9

twins shower 12

There are perks to being the youth pastor’s wife. I had a whole group of youth girls helping pass me gifts, take them away once I’d unwrapped them, make a gift list, and clean up the wrapping stuff. A big thanks to Ashlyn, Jules, Anna, and Ainsley! And my friend Terri’s daughter, who was there to keep everyone in line.

twins shower 7

twins shower 10

I’m especially close to the girls in the picture below, since they’re in my small group. It was sweet to have them helping at the shower, and I love how excited they are for the twins to get here.

twins shower 3

The hostesses know I’m not a fan of being the center of attention, so it was great to have those girls up there with me, along with my mom and mother-in-law.

twins shower 11

twins shower 6

My parents came into town that weekend so my mom could come to the shower. It was nice to see them, and my mom was very helpful in getting all the gifts sorted and organized afterwards, and even helping me return some duplicates.

My college friend, Rebecca, also came to town for the shower. I haven’t seen her in years, so it was fun to spend some time together.

twins shower 2

twins shower 5

Of course, Steve’s mom was there, too! Our parents don’t get to visit together very often, so it’s always nice when everyone is in one place. Now that we live so close to Fayetteville (and my mom is retiring after this school year), I’m sure that we’ll all be together more often.

twins shower 13

Steve & I were so humbled at our church’s generosity. Seriously guys, they’ve really taken care of us. We’re blessed to be part of a church that celebrates life and adoption.

twins shower 4

Thanks, ladies, for throwing such a thoughtful and beautiful shower! 

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