Kieklak Twins {One Month}

We’ve had these adorable little snugglers for a whole month now!

Alpha spits up like a fountain, is very chill, and doesn’t like sleeping without his brother. He usually has to be woken up to eat (since we feed them at the same time), or even have his diaper changed mid-meal to keep him awake. During tummy time he just lays calmly with his legs tucked up under him. He likes spending time in the rock-n-play staring out the window while eating his hands. He’s the thinker of the two, and he smiles drowsily when he’s dropping off to sleep.

Beta knows exactly when it’s meal time and will let you know. He’s a noisy eater and shoots spit up through his nose. At first, he only wanted to be awake if it was time to eat, but now he’s more alert. He’s the talker and squirmer of the two, and he’s a master of the wide-eyed stare. During tummy time, he kicks his legs like crazy and moves his head from side to side, and he likes it best if his brother is on his tummy next to him.

These boys never sleep longer than 4 hours, and they each go through 10-12 diapers a day. They both love to snuggle, which is just fine with us. They’ve been going through a growth spurt recently, which means nursing every 2 hours throughout the day. It’s a lot, but at least they’re growing.

They’re little rockstars wherever they go. Everyone wants to stop us and talk about how small and adorable they are. They get passed around a lot at church, and the youth kids love them. They’re set for life as far as babysitters go.

It’s definitely been an intense and interesting month, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything – we love these guys!

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  1. I am a friend of Cara’s from Arkansas. Your little boys are adorable. I have followed
    your journey to parenthood through your posts. I wish you and your husband the very best, enjoy the littles they grow so fast.
    “Ms. Betty” Phillips

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