Kieklak Twins {Three Months}

The twins are three months old now!

They eat eight times a day, take two naps in their cribs (and some smaller naps in the swing/rocker), and sleep a 7- or 8-hour stretch at night. Both boys love baths, reading books, swatting at things (a trick they learned around 10 weeks) and kicking things (12 weeks). They haven’t started hitting each other yet, but I’m sure that’s soon to come.

They’ve only just started looking at each other. Alpha will reach out to touch his brother and smile when we set them up facing each other, but Beta just stares back at him. Both boys have been enjoying tummy time with the boppy pillow for longer stretches, as well as sitting up in the bumbo seat. They coo and laugh and smile constantly.

One of my favorite changes this month is their morning attitudes. They wake up fussing, but by the time their diapers are changed they’re smiling and happy. The trade-off seems to be crankier evenings, but we’re learning how to deal with that. It usually involves the TwinGo (which is a lifesaver).

They love being outside, so we try to go out when it’s not too hot. When we were in Fayetteville over the holiday weekend, they enjoyed laying out in the shade while we swam in the pool. We dipped their feet in, but the water was a little cold for their liking. Also we went to a wedding and took probably the cutest picture ever, you’re welcome!

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  1. We are so very happy for all of you. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Take care.

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