Kieklak Twins Toddler Room

For the twins’ 2nd birthday, our big present to them was a room update. Here are some ‘before’ pictures:

When it was a nursery, we had their two cribs under the “J” and “B” and the changing table under the framed puzzle on the wall. That was the only furniture in the room. When They were around 18 months, we moved them out of their cribs because we knew we would start fostering soon and we didn’t want to have to buy a 3rd crib.

They slept together on a mattress on the floor for a few months, which worked really well. But we wanted to give them beds that would suit them for years to come, and also to spruce up their room a little.

Here are the ‘after’ pictures:

Steve’s parents bought them bunk beds with a trundle, so we can eventually have three kids sleeping in here. We just set up the top bunk (because of the rails) with the trundle underneath.

The biggest change was the mural on their wall. I wanted it to look like a little boy room, but I don’t like having big bold themes. So I went with a cityscape look inspired by this Modern Superhero Boys Room. I felt that it went well with their love of superheros, cars, building with blocks, and the moon. It’s bold and fun but doesn’t work with just one theme, so I’m hoping it will be fairly timeless (at least for 3-5 years).

Even 6+ months later, they still get excited to see the moon up over their heads, and they talk about the skyscrapers and use their toys to play with them almost like a dollhouse.

It’s fun to see how the mural has spurned their imaginations & the beds have led to endless jumping fun. I’ve learned that there’s no way to stop it, so I might as well lean into it. They have jumping parties almost every night before bed.

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