Kieklak Twins {Two Months}

Our little buddies are now two months old. They’re growing so fast – I already have two rounds of clothes that they’ve outgrown!

Here are the stats:


Weight: 9 lbs 10 oz

Height: 20.5 inches


Weight: 10 lbs 6 oz

Height: 21.75 inches


They’re both still very good at sleeping. For the first six weeks, they slept together in a bassinet. Once they outgrew it we started having one of them sleep in the bassinet and the other in the Rock & Play. We try to switch up who sleeps where every night since the Rock & Play can be addictive. So far it’s worked really well. They go down awake (swaddled) and fall asleep on their own, and they usually don’t need a pacifier. They’ve also been sleeping longer and longer stretches. Usually in one night they’ll sleep a total of 10 hours, including one stretch of 6-7 hours.

During they day they take little naps in the Rock & Play or swing, and in the afternoon they sleep swaddled in their cribs for a couple hours. We just switched to new swaddles when we outgrew the old velcro ones, and it’s been a little bit of an adjustment. It hasn’t been a problem at night, but for nap time they still haven’t quite figured it out.


They’ve continued to be great eaters, tandem nursing for about 10-15 minutes at every meal. They eat about every 3 hours in the morning & every 2 hours in the evenings. They both spit up like crazy, but they’re growing like weeds so it must be working.


Their little personalities are coming out more and more. Alpha is super smiley, and when he gets upset he lets us know with short little polite cries. He loves to eat his hands and is great at entertaining himself.

Beta has started smiling more, but he makes you work for it. When he’s upset, which is certainly more often than Alpha, he lets us know loudly. His favorite things right now are standing and sitting up, but he also loves to snuggle.

Both boys are great at holding their heads up and prefer to be held upright on your shoulder so they can look around, especially if there’s a window nearby. They’ve started laughing (which is so adorable), and they love it when we read to them. They’ve also just started sitting up in the bumbo seat. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t, but they both always take it as a chance to spit up all over themselves and the seat.

We love our boys & it’s so fun to watch them grow & change from day to day!

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**Big thanks to my cousin Rebecca for taking most of these pictures – she’s amazing!

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