Kieklak Twins {Weeks 23-26}

week 22

week 24

week 25

week 26

Total weight gain at 26 weeks: 27 lbs


Mostly more of the same. Lots of reflux, which wasn’t quite as noticeable when I was sick in December & the first half of January, but it’s back with a vengeance now. I often feel very big and stretched in the evenings (like right now when I’m writing this). I also continue to have a lot of pain in my ribs. Most of the time they feel bruised and sore, but recently there have been occasional sharp pains, too.

I’ve been having more and more trouble sleeping, and in the past week it’s been partly due to their increased movement at night. I think they’ve started a fight club.

One new thing that’s cropped up in the last few weeks is that I can tell my lung capacity has decreased. I occasionally have to consciously take a deep breath to feel like I’m getting enough oxygen.

People keep telling me that I don’t look big enough to be having twins, but I measured 28 weeks at my 25 week appointment last week, so they’re all crazy.

Gestational Diabetes Test

I took the initial screening test at the end of December and it came back positive, so I had to go back in last week for the 3 hour test. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, since the waiting room had a few recliners and I managed to snag one. They boys were super excited about the juice this time around, that’s definitely the time they’ve made the biggest movements.

Thankfully, I passed the test! One of my blood draws was a little high, but it takes two high levels to be diagnosed, so I’m just supposed to stay away from cookies and cakes (which I usually do anyway, being gluten free).


My last appointment was 3 weeks after the previous one, and my next one is scheduled 3 weeks out, too, so my appointments have gotten a little closer together. I didn’t have an ultrasound at the last appointment, so I’m excited for next time to see them a whole 6 weeks bigger!

My doctor said that everything is progressing normally, and that I’m fine to travel until 30 weeks. I was glad to hear that, since Steve & I will be heading down to Houston in a few weeks to pick up some hand-me-down baby stuff from my awesome sister.

Car Troubles

We’re planning on getting a van soon. Our little Elantra can’t fit a car seat behind the driver’s seat and still allow the seat to slide back enough for Steve to drive. The seat barely even goes back far enough for me. And our double stroller won’t fit in the trunk. It will be nice to have two vehicles, anyway, since right now I have to drop Steve off & pick him up from work if I need the car during the day. That would be a much bigger hassle with twins in tow. Now we just have to go through the stressful process of dealing with car salesmen…

Thanks for your prayers & for following along with our boys!

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