Kieklak Twins {Weeks 27-30}

week 27

week 28

week 29

week 30

I’m into the 3rd trimester – I’m so excited to have made it this far! I’m now at the point where I’m having appointments every 2 weeks.

28-week appointment & ultrasound stats:

Total weight gain: 34 lbs

Baby A  is estimated at 2 lbs 7 oz – measuring right at 28 weeks

Baby B is estimated at 2 lbs 15 oz – measuring at 29 weeks

So that’s over 5 lbs of baby total – it’s getting cramped in there.

Both babies are breech, with their heads together right under my heart. I thought that I had felt Baby A turn around, but I wasn’t certain until the ultrasound. Unless he turns back around, I’ll have to have a c-section.

30-week appointment stats:

Total weight gain: 39 lbs

No ultrasound this time, but Baby A’s heartbeat was lower down on my stomach, and I felt him have hiccups very far down the other night, so we’re pretty sure he’s turned around. As long as he stays head-down (no matter what Baby B is doing), I can deliver vaginally – fingers crossed!

I also got my first steroid shot at this appointment, which I’ll be getting every time now. The steroids will help with lung development, since they’re likely to be born premature. Also for that reason, I’m now restricted to the city. I’m fine with that, since we’ve had at least one 3+ hour car trip every month since June, and our last trip (to Houston) was pretty much as uncomfortable as I’d want to be on a trip.



I eat EVERYTHING. I keep feeling bad about going over the grocery budget, but then I eat all the food, so we just need to re-adjust the budget to fit my stomach. In one day I’ll usually eat at least 10 times. Some of my go-to snacks are: black bean quesadillas, cheese sticks, granola bars, carrots, boiled eggs, strawberries, an apple with peanut butter, toast with peanut butter, a spoonful of peanut butter (we go through a 40-oz jar every 2 weeks!), grilled cheese, salad, and sometimes pancakes or cookies. And then I also eat 3 meals. And drink 12-15 cups of water.


Around 27 weeks, my feet started to swell. At first it was just the left foot (Baby A is low on the left side, so that makes sense), but after about a week the right one started to swell some, too. I try to keep my feet up whenever I’m sitting down, and lay down for a nap in the afternoon. Usually by morning, my right foot looks normal and my left foot is almost normal. And then the cycle starts over again.


My reflux has continued, and it bothers me the most when I try to lay down in the afternoon. Even after taking drugs, it still sometimes keeps me from taking a nap.


I’ve also started to have Braxton Hicks contractions. I wasn’t sure at first, since they’re barely noticeable, but I can tell that I’m having them a few times throughout the day & night, and most frequently in the evenings.


As far as sleep goes, I have trouble falling asleep before midnight, and I wake up 3-4 times in the night to go to the bathroom and drink water (about 4-5 cups throughout the night). Around 5 or 6, I’m wide awake for about an hour, and then I crash until 8:30 or so. I have tried not taking a nap, hoping that it would help me sleep better at night, but it makes no difference.


My weirdest symptom so far is that my laugh sounds different. I started to notice it on our trip to Chicago, and it’s different enough now that Steve notices it, too. It’s more of a belly laugh, which makes sense, and hearing it just makes me laugh harder because it sounds so weird. I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else, but I’m sure it does to some degree, since your diaphragm and lungs are all squished up.

That’s all the updates for now, stay tuned for more next month!

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