Kieklak Family Adoption

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In the summer of 2014, I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. One of the major side effects of this condition is irreversible infertility.

Now we’ve gone trough the process of embryo adoption!

The Lord put adoption on both of our hearts long ago, even before we were married. At the outset, we never could have imagined how it would shape our lives and our relationship with God. We’ve been so blessed by family, friends, and the church body as we’ve walked this road. We’re now expecting twin boys in April, and we welcome your prayers for their continued growth.

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Below you can read through our almost 3-year adoption process including infertility, embryo adoption, a miscarriage, and a twin pregnancy – and get updates on my pregnancy as I post them.

a bend in the road

my diagnosis

why we won't do IVF

embryo adoption vs IVF

the embryo adoption process

piece by piece

adoption update 3.15

homestudy complete

adoption bake sale


joy and sorrow

the road goes ever on and on

adoption fundraiser almost there


week 13


week 18

cost of embryo adoption

week 22

week 26

week 30

week 32

week 34

week 35

week 36

kieklak twins shower

kieklak twins birth announcement

birth story 4

Thank you for your prayers as you follow along on this journey with us!

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  1. Hi. Kudos for all of you. Please keep us informed. We care. Take care, dory

  2. Dear Steve & Lisa: John and I were neighbors of the Pasley family in Jonesboro – Cara can explain us. To the two of you, please accept our sincere congratulations on your adoption process. We adopted our son, Jeffrey, at age 5 days when he was released from the Hospital, into our arms. He and his wife adopted a little boy at birth, almost eight years ago. We all have an idea of what you are going through. May you be as blessed as we have been, and our son and his family have been.

    I’ll try to send a separate message to Matt and Cara on FINALLY learning the gender of their little treasures.

    Always, take care, dory Muir, Cherokee Village, AR

    1. Dory- thanks! Your family sounds like an amazing picture of adoption!!

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