Look Whoooo’s Having Two! {a twin shower}

A few weeks back, we threw Cara and her twins a shower! It was adorably owl-themed:

Look Whoooo’s Having Two!

 photo caras shower 5_zpsstcvsjr6.png

I say ‘we’, but really all I did was design the invitations and show up, the other hostesses did all the work. Those Kenwood ladies really know how to throw a shindig!

 photo caras shower 1_zpstc9juqve.png photo caras shower 4_zpspd5gmpx5.png

 photo caras shower 3_zps3szxkkkl.png

We wrote funny notes on diapers for all those late nights the Kramps are looking forward to, and we wrote sweet prayers and blessings to encourage them as well!

 photo caras shower 2_zpsyg7xaiip.png

 photo caras shower 7_zpsivsfxakh.png

And of course we ate owl cupcakes and owl cake.

 photo caras shower 6_zpszlm6kekw.png

Our lovely decorator, Jacintha, spent who knows how much time and effort making pennants to match the baby quilt design that Cara chose, and little boy & girl owls for the flower vases.

 photo caras shower 8_zpswxkffrmq.png

It was a sweet time of fellowship with the ladies from church. There were little girls running around playing, women chatting and soothing babies. It was full of life & the love of the Lord. And cake.

 photo caras shower 9_zpsugpliqdq.png

I can think of no better way to celebrate Cara’s twins!

My gift to Cara is the quilts that I’m (slowly) making, but I still wanted to have a little something to give her at the shower. I dug through my fabric stash & my Pinterest boards, and came up with these cuties, courtesy of GoogieMomma’s free pattern:

 photo twin whales 1_zpsrrnf9cim.png
 photo twin whales 2_zpsifywzfpw.png

Cara asked me to name them for her, so I decided on something literary:

Holden & Phoebe from Catcher in the Rye

 photo twin whales 3_zpspcfhnx5b.png

They may not be twins, but they’re a good brother/sister pair.

 photo twin whales 4_zpsg7umptai.png

We’re all so excited to welcome these littles into the world! But not too soon, ya hear babies? Keep cooking for now…

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