Magical Wizardry Tour 2015

 photo HPW 10_zpsy465ypk9.png If you follow me at all anywhere on social media, you probably noticed the barrage of Harry Potter World pics I posted last week. Steve & I got to go down to Orlando with his mom and sister, and it was crazy awesome.
 photo HPW 4_zpsdt3rqwwh.pngWe had such a great time. Everything looks, smells, tastes, and sounds like the world built in the books and movies. The rides inside Gringotts and Hogwarts really do make you feel like you’re flying along with Harry, Ron, and Hermione (and the occasional dragon).

 photo HPW 2_zpsqlgl94rk.png

 photo HPW 5_zpsc0hlg1vs.png We went at a fairly slow time of year for the park, but even when there were long lines to wait in (mostly in Hogwarts and Gringotts), there’s so much to see as you walk through those buildings, so it never felt long.
 photo HPW 1_zps61uilir2.pngOne of the best things about the park was the staff. They weren’t just dressed like witches and wizards, they talked like them, too. When you buy a chocolate frog, you’ll probably be warned that they only have one good jump in them – so eat the legs first! When you pay with a credit card, they call it ‘muggle plastic’. When you wear a Gryffindor lanyard with a Ravenclaw sweatshirt, they get curious about which house you’re actually in. When you send out some owl post at the post office, you get to choose which owl will be taking your post.

 photo HPW 8_zps1lz7a4ib.pngThey even made it look like you really walk through the wall between platforms 9 & 10 at King’s Cross Station.

 photo HPW 7_zpso9kohzxp.pngI definitely felt like a kid again, and I might have had a little too much fun pretending with all those other adults that magic is real – but I don’t care!

 photo HPW 9_zps6qrgp3pb.pngHere’s one last picture, featuring Butterbeer ice cream & my new tattoo – thanks to my sister Katie for designing it for me!

 photo HPW 3_zps4xtcihju.pngThe rides were great, the food was great, the Butterbeer (cold, frozen, hot, and ice cream) was delicious, and I already can’t wait until I get to go back. I’ll just have to settle for reading the books again. Hogwarts, here I come!

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  1. Lisa, What a fantastic review! Very well done! Thanks for sharing! Take care, dory

  2. Is the tattoo real?

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