I’m so excited to finally share that we’ve been matched with a genetic family!

The matching process usually takes about 1-3 months, which is what we were expecting when we entered the Matching Phase back in June. As week after week and month after month went by, we began to get a little impatient and frustrated that no one was choosing us. With each family being given about 2-3 weeks to decide after receiving our family profile, we knew that quite a few families must have turned us down.

But we held out hope that God would match us with the right family – and the right embryos – for us, even if it meant being turned down by a lot of others.

We prayed for patience for us & discernment for the families reviewing our profile. We asked you (family, church friends, and our small group) to pray for our continuing patience. We were certainly getting tired of waiting.

Then, in the last week of November, we got an email letting us know that a genetic family had selected us to adopt their four embryos. With our adoption agency, the adoption process is double-selection. That means that after the genetic family looked at our profile and chose us, we received their family profile and had the choice of adopting those embryos or waiting for a different match.

While we could never imagine turning embryos down, we did wait a few days to pray over it and make sure that these were the embryos for our family. Once we accepted them for adoption, there were still some forms and doctor’s visits to get out of the way before officially moving on from the Matching Phase to the Contracts Phase of the adoption process.

We got all that out of the way this past month, and last week we received our adoption contract! We mailed it off yesterday, so now we just have to wait until the genetic family gets their copy sent in, and then we’ll be in the Transportation Phase, where Nightlight orchestrates transportation for the embryos from their current clinic to ours here in Louisville. After they arrive, we should be able to set up the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) within the next month.

I can’t believe it’s finally here, we’re so excited!! Thank you so much for your prayers and support over the past year as we’ve wrestled our way through this process. We’re still running our adoption fundraiser if you would like to donate, and prayers for a successful FET would be great, too!

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  1. I am so happy for you guys! Cannot wait to hear how things go from here…please keep us informed. God Bless the Kieklak’s

  2. So excited for you and Steve!

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