May 2017 Bujo Spreads {Cara}

I’m a few days late getting these posted, but here are my May bullet journal spreads! I’m continuing with my adorable little penguin theme for my monthly page dividers. Later this month we’ll celebrate the twins’ second birthday!

 photo 7E444CFB-5188-4F2E-8F09-D6384D4CF05C_zpsi4hdgf3r.jpg

I decided to fill in my housework & habits sections a week at a time this month instead of a full month at a time, so that I have a better idea of what my week holds.

 photo A5D0A90E-8E2F-4FCA-80AA-A5089446FE85_zpsn0rie40h.jpg

Other than that, I kept things pretty similar, since I’m still loving this layout.

 photo CA818428-B7F7-48BE-90C7-E9D1DA8AEA4E_zpsmjlcgldg.jpg

 photo DF4B3600-4E89-42B3-90A6-EB7CB2ECF190_zpsyjil2o9v.jpg

 photo 5D5CEFBC-9F5A-4A7C-AD76-F10779DA4146_zps8sc6ffss.jpg

Stay tuned for my next post with my completed April spreads!

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