Measure Twice, Hang Once

measure twice hang once

We’re still settling in here in Kentucky, and I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m hanging stuff up on the walls. Since I’m notoriously bad at eyeballing that kind of thing, I thought I’d share with you my trick for getting things up and straight with only one hole in the wall.

All I do is take a roll of wrapping paper or butcher paper, and cut a piece to the size of whatever I’m hanging.

measure once 1

Then I tape it to the wall, make sure it’s level and that I like the height. It’s helpful to compare everything that I want to hang up without having to put any holes in the wall.

measure once 3

Once I’m satisfied with the placement of things, I crack out the hammer and nails.

measure once 2

And I hang!

measure once 4

Then I unceremoniously rip the paper out from behind it, and voila! Though now that I think of it, it would probably be easier to take the paper down before hanging things up…

I’ll update you guys soon on more of our house updates and some fun decorating projects that I’m working on!

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