Mint Chocolate Haystacks

Have y’all ever heard of haystacks before? They are one of the quickest and easiest ‘homemade’ desserts I can think of. They are definitely a go-to of mine when I’m in a pinch for time. I try to keep all the ingredients on hand just in case I ever need to make a quick dessert for someone. I’m talking… quicker than ready-to-bake cookies! Quicker than going to the store to pick up a pre-made dessert!

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These mint chocolate haystacks are just a spin off the basic chocolate ones. I have experimented with so many different flavors of haystacks. I always have a random assortment of baking mix-ins on hand for my Lasse cookies, so I usually just try something new and see what’s successful.

The mint in these comes from Andes baking chips. You can find them at most local grocery stores…Wal-Mart, Meijer, and Kroger carry them for sure. Any off brand mint chips would work just fine too.

For this recipe you’ll need:

1/4 cup Andes baking chips
24 oz. Chocolate almond bark
2 cups Chow mein noodles
1 cup Mixed nuts (salted or unsalted)

Here’s how to make them:

1. Prepare a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and set it aside.

2. Melt your almond bark. Microwave it for 1 minute, stir. If it’s not fully melted, microwave in 30 seconds increments, stirring in between.

3. Add 1/4 cup Andes mints to the melted chocolate, stir until the chips have all melted. Feel free to add more if you want a mintier flavor!

4. Slowly add the chow mein noodles and nuts. I normally don’t measure these, I just add as many as I can with the chocolate still being able to completely cover all the ingredients. I think the 2:1 chow mein to mixed nuts ratio works well though.

5. Spoon out a tablespoon at a time of the mixture and drop onto your wax paper. Or bigger or smaller….whatever size you want really!

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6. Place cookie sheet in freezer for a few minutes (Literally…it doesn’t take long at all!) to let your haystacks harden and you’re done!

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I hope all you mint chocolate chip lovers out there give these your stamp of approval! Let me know what you think of them, and be looking for my recipe on Toffee Nut Haystacks soon!

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