More Tips for Saving on Your Dog

MORE tips for saving on your dog

Last month, I posted some tips for saving on your favorite furry friend (as long as it’s a dog). In that post, I covered ways to save on dog food, treats, and toys.

Here are a few more tips and tricks for cutting down on your dog budget!


If your dog has short hair or doesn’t need to be clipped, then you can easily do your bathing at home. Dawn dish soap is excellent for dog shampoo, and you can buy the off-brand to make it even cheaper. Just make sure you mix it half and half with water, since it will be easier to get it all out and less likely to irritate their skin. I bought a condiment-style bottle from the Dollar Store for mixing Nike’s shampoo.

If your dog needs more extensive grooming, you can groom them yourself at home with a pair of clippers. It may seem like an expensive solution, but considering that a groomer costs $25-50 a visit, they’ll pay for themselves pretty quickly.

Another good option is to head to PetCo and pay considerably less than what you would at a groomer (about $8) to use their professional-quality equipment to groom your dog yourself.


Instead of spending a lot of money to take obedience classes with your dog, check out for thousands of free training articles and videos. Their training philosophy is very effective, and their methods are easy for anyone to emulate. I’ve used their site for everything from crate training to search and rescue training. And if you’re struggling with a particular issue, they have a very extensive Q&A section.

Vet Bills & Medication:

For flea prevention (either in addition to or in place of something like Frontline), you can get food-grade diatomaceous earth from a feed store or Home Depot (probably shelved with the pesticides). This can be dusted on a dog’s coat and around your house (floors, carpet, dog bedding, the yard) to kill and prevent fleas.
Ticks can be a big problem, especially in the summer when you’re more likely to take your dog out camping or to the park. If you bathe your dog with Dawn, let them sit with it lathered for about 10 minutes, and it’ll kill the ticks.
As far as vaccinations go, lot of vet offices have special vaccination days where they offer a discount, so check with your vet. Usually it’s just first-come, first-served, but it saves quite a bit of money on the exam and vaccines. Another option could be getting vaccines during a clinic run by a local shelter or pet store. This can save you anywhere from 10%-75% off the going rate for vaccines, so it pays to be aware of clinics in your area, ask your vet or check with your local shelter.

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