My Latest Yard Sale Finds – 1

Back in June, the clinic I work for expanded. No longer are we just a special needs dental office, but an entire interdisciplinary clinic for people in the community with intellectual disabilities. Along with the new services came a new staff. I love all my new coworkers so much, but I’ve gotten especially close to my new friend Bessy.

She is originally from Honduras, but has lived in the States for about 10 years now. She has been such a joy to get to know! We love talking about the differences in our cultures, our languages, our food, etc. But if there’s one thing we both know, it’s how to find a good deal!

I have always been a thrift store shopper, but have never really ventured much into yard sale shopping. Every time I would compliment something of Bessy’s, she would respond “yard sale – $1”. I finally told her “Girl, you’ve got to teach me your ways, take me with you one Saturday!”.

And so she did… and the next Saturday, and the next Saturday, and the nex… Well, you get the idea.

My frequent yard sale trips have been so helpful with the remodeling and decorating of The Krampy Shanty. They also sparked a new blog series idea, “My Latest Yard Sale Finds”.

I’ll share photos of some of my latest Saturday finds along with the price I paid for them. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to get out there and hunt for some good deals of your own!

This watch… $1

 photo 9E3F772A-F3AC-4405-B20E-6966EAAED0F4_zpsw5zwnixx.jpg

This never-been-used Mary Kay Toner …marked as $2, but talked down to $1.50. Bessy has been teaching me the barter system. I originally felt extremely uncomfortable asking for a cheaper price, but I’ve found that it’s the culture of yard sales. Bessy had a one up on me since it’s also the culture in Honduras.

I’m learning that you can offer cheaper prices and still be nice about it. It’s ok if they say no and you have to walk away, but most of the time they say yes to any reasonable offer. People aren’t as much looking to make money in yard sales as they are just looking to clean out their house.

 photo 56A14E45-033E-41F3-A625-2CD88FED09C4_zpsmamfkjws.jpg

These birthday candles I used for Matt’s birthday celebration this year! Completely unopened, listed at 75 cents but talked down to 50 cents.

 photo ED46402F-6687-4E7C-80E9-995742957DCF_zpsxszciyaq.jpg

Ok, don’t laugh at me on this one. Back in my soccer days, I messed up my hip and had to go to a physical therapist. He had one of these Exer Slides and it was amazing! I couldn’t believe that such a simple little board could strengthen my hip so much and help me to prevent future injuries, but it sure did! I found this one for $3.

 photo 0AC0A2AE-5610-46F2-88E1-27BD354C05DA_zpsg4aqswmy.jpg

This unopened hanging closet organizer – $1.

 photo A47B1F98-219C-4942-82B6-C7758E88DAAB_zpsvkl44hzc.jpg

Total this time around… $6!

Look for more of my yard sale finds coming soon!

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