My Latest Yard Sale Finds – 3

For round three I decided to model a few of my yard sale finds myself. Try not to laugh too hard at my modeling skills. If my 5’5.5″ frame hadn’t already decided my modeling fate for me, I just sealed it by these photos. 

Matt was my photographer, so in most of the pictures I’m laughing or just giving him the ‘Take it already!’ look.  We had fun being completely ridiculous together though, so that’s what counts!

All my finds this time around were clothes, so this one goes out to all the frugal fashion divas out there!

This dress 50 cents! Y’all….it still had the tag on it!! It was priced at $34.99 and then marked down to $8.99, which is what it looks like they bought it for. But not me…50 cents for this lady!

 photo C50F0E98-EB7A-447A-941E-272D6E1CDB6E_zpsoz0appnx.jpg
I apologize in advance for the slightly blurry photos. If I wasn’t laughing, then he was laughing. Seriously, we had way too much fun doing this.

 photo 50E3B9C7-C7FD-44AF-A89C-0CBAC0B3BBFD_zps6dk3lymd.jpg
I wore it with leggings and boots today to church because it was a chilly morning here in Louisville, but it works fine without them too!

 photo 82A6F898-D686-4304-B838-D9CE9C3EBE6A_zpsms8oeogs.jpg
“Dubby, you’re making me blush!”

 photo 7F3D4FDE-E18A-4587-BE11-CCA12CC23D88_zpshkksd2fw.jpg
“Did you take it yet? My smile is wearing off.”

 photo 823DFD2A-EF5F-44FF-87D4-47F75B01E3A5_zpsontuz2rn.jpg
Just give me the camera already.”

 photo 30E4DB51-46B6-40B7-97B6-15B670AA4345_zpsba67ln47.jpg
This necklace and this bracelet 25 cents total! I love me some pearls! I thought this set was very well-designed with the big pearls in the middle and smaller ones on each side.

 photo 66561F50-CA3F-4C11-94A8-9A5C364A441C_zpsejr4fkg2.jpg
I feel like my hair looks red in these photos. Am I a red-head now!?

 photo 42FFDB11-6D4E-4FBB-ACA1-FC72C5DD79D3_zpsxbvugc7y.jpg
Do you see it? Don’t you think it looks red-tinted?

 photo 7C32236B-8741-4E83-BBD7-C003C0509835_zpsft9ovywk.jpg
 photo 9D104091-87EB-44CC-ACFD-013696184CF1_zpsgpjj4rjn.jpg
 photo 3EA0009A-BFAC-4174-8392-E2A9A76DCEE3_zpsrq5eplv9.jpg
 photo 516A5424-2586-4853-9F1C-3551EC9E2967_zpspjndzgto.jpg

This summer dress 50 cents! Listed as a dollar, but talked down to 50 cents. It’s just a simple little cotton maxi dress, but I thought it was fun! I think it would be good to wear at the beach. Did you hear that Matt?!? I’m ready for the beach!

 photo 7DC39226-BDD3-46F8-982A-F13544BE0040_zpsud9ghwjf.jpg
 photo 4716ced9-4fc1-484d-bea5-d882cc9f28bd_zpse11f9768.jpg
 photo 1395cdd2-6ed5-40bc-9db9-fb273ab97e41_zpsbc3c09fc.jpg

This Target shirt 50 cents! 

 photo b6686392-1288-4410-8c83-2074d5bc09bc_zps1bf0f34a.jpg
“I don’t know what to do with my hands!”

 photo 0ECA1B8F-FF24-4C4E-9681-BA02E1EBDDDA_zpsyrxeu9po.jpg
Yeah, Dwifey, your arms look weird. Put them on your hips or something.”

 photo BFCDC765-A105-42D7-BE1D-8577EF0BEFDC_zps9vwudkr7.jpg
“Like this?” 

“Much better!”

 photo 79A58EE6-94C3-4F09-B7BE-F8F60E97332F_zpsq6i48oyo.jpg

Ok, that’s enough embarrassing photos for one day! I feel completely ridiculous taking pictures by myself, so again, I apologize for them all being so goofy.

Anyways, this round’s total came out to a whopping $1.75!

More silly pictures to come in MLYSF-4, so stay tuned!

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