My Latest Yard Sale Finds – 4

Ready for more embarrassing photos of me captured by my darling husband, Matt? Here goes nothing…

This dress one dollar! I’m normally not a fan of butterflies, but when this lady told me it looked great with cowboy boots I was sold. We had a brief buyer/seller bonding moment over both wearing cowboy boots in our wedding.

 photo 33929798-CFDB-4141-AF16-0ADB006A1662_zpsbqgeavdk.jpg

“Dwifey, why are you swinging your arms?”

 photo 89C15F83-5723-445A-A780-2ACFFB18025C_zpskalxxd5l.jpg
Ooops, sorry!”

 photo 7A9B9BE3-8182-489F-A8FC-5E377661DBF5_zpstpnclmzf.jpg

“I still don’t know what to do with my hands!”

 photo A908195E-5036-40C7-BDF6-A9949670A573_zpshcugyef2.jpg

“You gotta give me something to work with”

 photo 7939FB33-CD5E-42EB-9832-56ECDA16BE97_zpsumknct3z.jpg

“How’s this?”

 photo 8278B27D-7772-4850-968D-675B529B6497_zpshkvufvrc.jpg

“I’ll just resort to photos without your face in them.”

 photo E0843B99-DECE-4686-B7E9-C7FED5BA3B17_zpsn8yibpa6.jpg

These earrings 10 cents! 

 photo 1E9FFA9D-0F8C-4F3C-9C02-AC1760FFDB7D_zps6fxbbwtl.jpg

“You’re supposed to look at the camera, Dwifey, not me.”

 photo 5CFA2F95-A3C7-4C98-8A54-FE2BF29A0FDB_zps0wrnlhvr.jpg

“Oh, good grief!”

 photo D863BF19-0070-4070-BB27-2DCAEBC20FED_zpsitmqonhp.jpg

“You just earned yourself a stink eye.”

 photo 68F783C4-F442-4C54-B1BB-9278F63E52C8_zpstue0mjq8.jpg

 photo FFBBA714-8CD1-4D3B-BB86-9D9F4B20E4C3_zpsfqgx0roe.jpg

This cardigan 50 cents!

 photo 6e091d34-d0ed-4772-bd27-cdefe4d92329_zpsebc4cb5d.jpg
 photo e3a587ab-08ca-4937-b9e6-b5087092b0a5_zps133e4b29.jpg
I love the detail on the back. They look like little daisies to me!

 photo 9ACEB746-2F0E-4555-A229-EEE18B16A003_zpsiyctjnog.jpg
This maxi dress two dollars! I little bit pricier than my normal yard sale dresses, but still… two dollars isn’t bad!

 photo 000168a9-5d5d-4504-9ca0-9b3724eeada6_zps8f65a953.jpg

 photo 0D835C60-74FD-4FD8-AFD9-A54AC864EBFE_zpsetdvacsy.jpg
 photo 2F30BB36-A59D-42FA-B64A-46789C5E74EF_zpslv7v5yne.jpg
These earrings 10 cents! 

 photo 40EA53EF-2CE7-4C13-BA87-44056D07ECDB_zpsmxpqpalr.jpg
 photo 1E2C99E3-06E6-41B6-A9A8-4E97F533FD69_zpspvd1qng7.jpg
 photo 888DC141-7A8D-430B-80FA-C5DD51D356CE_zpsfl5hdz5f.jpg

This round’s total was $3.70! 

Check back soon for more of My Latest Yard Sale Finds!

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