My Latest Yard Sale Finds – 5

I’m back for round 5 of My Latest Yard Sale Finds series! This round is exciting because I found a big item. I’ll ease you into it with some more clothes (my usual find), but stay tuned for my last item because it’s a doozy!

This tank top $1. It can even be worn in cold weather with a cardigan over it!

 photo 6B1F40E1-9D30-4A58-BEE4-A74AF45FAA2C_zpsyirdmrud.jpg
This shirt $1. I’m in love with emerald green these days, so this was a fun find!

 photo E93AAEAA-C4C5-45E5-A24E-3702AAC4B5BB_zpsjredrily.jpg

Get a closer look at the detail!

 photo DAB120CD-FADD-45A0-8E76-7FE61E2F949C_zpsqfat1bcy.jpg

This shirt 50 cents. This was one of my very first yard sale finds, and I’ve gotten great use out of it since!

 photo 64CFD0D9-6E63-4E94-A831-BA868FF38DCD_zps0p3htjcy.jpg

This treadmill $35! Yeah, you read that right… A TREADMILL FOR 35 DOLLARS… and it’s nice too!

 photo 968D24B2-AEF5-4C1A-9763-1DB2D3742F78_zps6fhoozrt.jpg
 photo ACF5F9BD-7ED4-429F-8CEF-6D5222C72055_zpsajlkyuut.jpg
 photo B989EAA7-D77D-4CA8-B711-B4919E39088B_zpskyxu9rvy.jpg
 photo 8E209A72-F380-47D0-80F0-B90D7F822CF2_zpsuanzjuhg.jpg
 photo C5809046-66D3-48D8-AB61-B890F58A8BA7_zpsymt7ivlu.jpg
 photo 172D259F-6467-46E0-9F18-A47EA1EBDCC9_zpssngwqegi.jpg
I was so thrilled about this find! It’s probably my best find at a yard sale yet. I’ve already used it (not as much as I should) and I love it so much! The lady I purchased it from was so sweet to give it to me for such a low price. I didn’t talk her down or anything, this was the original price she offered. She said she had purchased it 2 years ago for $600 dollars, but she recently joined a gym and didn’t need it anymore. From $600 to $35, my goodness, what a blessing!

This round’s total: $37.50

Be on the look out for more of My Latest Yard Sale Finds soon, I doubt they’ll be as good as this treadmill, but hey… ya never know! ;)

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  1. Candy Godwin says:

    Wow Cara, that will help you meet your walking goal for the fall!

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