Old Wives’ Tales

Well, our little Baby A finally uncrossed those legs! That’s right, we know both Baby A and Baby B’s gender now!

We thought it would be fun to have a gender reveal party to announce our littles’ genders, but since all our family live so far away that wasn’t really a good option for us. So, we sent out little homemade scratch-and-reveal cards to our family so they could still have the element of surprise!

We have decided to wait about a week or so to ‘officially’ announce whether our babies are he(s), she(s), or one of each, just to make sure everyone has enough time to check their snail mail. But in the meantime, why not have a little fun with some old wives’ tales and let’s hear your guesses!

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The Tale: If you’re carrying high it’s a girl, if you’re carrying low it’s a boy! (High)

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The Tale: If the heartbeat is over 140 bpm it’s a girl, if it’s under 140 bpm it’s a boy! (Both my babies were over at each visit, this last time Baby A was 150 and Baby B was 167.)

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The Tale: If you’re craving sweets, it’s a girl. If you’re craving salty/sour foods then it’s a boy! (I’ve craved some of each, but mostly salty and sour.)

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The Tale: If you experienced morning sickness, it’s a girl! If you had a smooth sailing pregnancy, it’s a boy! (Lots of morning sickness here!)

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The Tale: Take off your wedding ring and tie a string to it. Hold it over your belly, if it spins in a circle then it’s a boy! If it sways back and forth, it’s a girl! (Back and forth)

 photo 8731438E-4340-4193-A0D1-14B5C9F3F612_zps29ggzvnj.jpg

The Tale: If you prefer lying on your right side during pregnancy then it’s a girl! If you prefer the left, it’s a boy! (Right side all the way!)

 photo 8731438E-4340-4193-A0D1-14B5C9F3F612_zps29ggzvnj.jpg

Well, there you have it! The old wives have spoken. 5/6 answers lean toward girl and 1/6 boy. I’m not sure how this all translates when there’s two in you… the old wives didn’t have it all figured out I guess.

So, what about you? What do you think Baby A and Baby B are? My brother is 100% convinced that Baby B is a little niece. He even renamed our Baby B to Baby G – G for girl, of course.

The majority of my close friends have guessed girl for Baby B, but Jana and Lisa continue to say boy. Both mine and Matt’s mom guessed one of each but they said they didn’t know which was which! I think they’re playing it safe, knowing that they’ll at least be half right either way. Smart thinking!

Let’s hear your votes in the comments! Boys, girls, or one of each?

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  1. Two girls! 🙂

  2. Baby A is a boy and Baby B is a girl!

  3. Boys!!!

  4. Two little girlies!!!!!!

  5. One each! 😉

  6. Well according to these Old Wives tales, I should have had two boys! I got two girls, so I’m guessing you are having boys! We shall see…still routing for two little girlies…

  7. For all those wives tales I was supposed to be having a boy…But baby girl Emerald will be here soon. I really think you’re having one of each. In fact, in the last photo, I think the girl was on the left in the pic & the boy was on the right…I could be completely wrong, though. Either way, they’re loved!!!

  8. Girl/Girl

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