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When we moved from Fayetteville to Louisville in November, it was the first time I’d ever boxed up all my stuff, put it in a van, and driven it to a new place. I’ve moved before, but it was always moving from one place to the next within the same town, so I usually just loaded up my car with unboxed, unorganized stuff and took as many car loads as I needed.

This time, I knew I was going to need some serious organization to help me handle the packing and (especially) the unpacking process. So I created this document:


Which you can download here: Packing Inventory

I numbered every box as I packed and made a detailed list of everything in the box. It was very helpful on the unpacking end when I needed something strangely specific, because it was easy to tell which box it was in. It was also nice before we moved when I needed to find something that I’d already packed.

It also helped verify that all the boxes had been delivered safely, and I crossed them off the list as I unpacked. My unpacking was easily prioritized, since it was easy to know which box had the stuff that I needed next.

Making an inventory was really helpful for me. What are some ways that you stay organized during a move?

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