Peek-a-boo! {Now There’s TWO!}

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Steve & I came back from Thanksgiving break on Sunday night both feeling sick, but we were so excited because this Wednesday was our ultrasound, and we were eager to find out our little one’s gender. We were both going to be so excited for a boy or a girl!

When we got to our appointment, I lay down on the ultrasound table and as soon as the exam started, we both saw it – TWO heads!

Ultrasound tech: “Did you know it’s two?”

Us: “Uhhh…NO!”

“Well there’s definitely two in there! This one’s a boy and it looks like that one is…also a boy!”

We were SO surprised! We knew that twins was a possibility (something like a 25% chance) since we transferred two embryos, but we were just excited that at least one had survived. What a crazy blessing to find out now that both did!

The exam took twice as long, since there was two of everything to check, but we just couldn’t stop smiling. The babies are the exact same size and measuring right on track for 18 weeks, so there must have been one hiding in there during our 6 week ultrasound, and the doctor just never looked for two heartbeats at the appointments in between, so we didn’t find him until now.

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Here you can see them curled up together, both with their fists (those aren’t feet!) up by their heads.

We weren’t at all surprised that they were both boys. Between my three siblings, we have 7 nephews (all under 6 years) and no nieces. It’s become pretty clear that my family is only interested in making boys – even if they’re adopted!

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Of course I went out right away and bought another stocking. We’re still so shocked & excited that we can hardly think or talk of anything else.

I’ll post an update soon on this past month of pregnancy and a little more of what we know about the twins!

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Fun fact: On this exact day two years ago, Cara announced her twins on the blog!

As always, you can check out our entire embryo adoption journey here!

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One comment to Peek-a-boo! {Now There’s TWO!}

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m glad you posted this! I was hoping for more details. We are so very happy for you and praise the Father for His good gifts and fun surprises!

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