Recycle Fall Wreath – A Challenge

fall wreath challenge

I am a big fan of fall. I love the weather, sweaters, warm drinks, curling up with a book, falling leaves – everything!

One of the things I can’t resist once the cooler weather rolls in is putting up a new fall wreath. There are so many different cute wreaths that show up this time of year!

But, wreaths can be expensive and they are (unfortunately) not in the Kieklak family budget. So, I’m challenging myself, Cara & our readers to make a fall wreath out of things that you already have. It’s not as hard as you might think. There are a ton of great blog posts with wreath tutorials, and a lot of them involve using regular household items (click any of those links for some great examples).

Here’s a list of materials that you could use:

– wire hangers
– paper
– scrap fabric
– burlap
– felt
– yarn
– plastic bags
– sticks
– pinecones
– leaves
– paint
– a picture frame
– a plastic (or lightweight) plate
– chalk
– cardboard
– an old wreath

If you have trouble finding inspiration, just search Pinterest for fall wreaths.

Email a picture of your finished wreath to thehelpmates(at)gmail(dot)com by October 29th, and we’ll post our favorites on the 30th.

Good luck!

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