Red Hot Apple Cider

This is the easiest and most delicious recipe! What a great combination, right? My mom made this for us a lot this time of year. She always made her’s in the crock pot and it made the whole house smell good!

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The only ingredients you’ll need are apple juice and red hots. Just a bottle of apple juice and a bag of red hots. That’s it!!

Easiest instructions ever too…just cook them together until the red hots are melted! I couldn’t make this one any easier if I tried.

I just cooked mine in a pot on medium heat. I did 5 cups of apple juice and 10 tablespoons of red hots. If you aren’t going to just use the whole bottle and whole bag, I think the 1 cup per 2 tablespoons ratio works well.

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It takes less than 20 minutes for them to melt. I got distracted working on other things  santa cookies, so I didn’t really time mine. I just made sure to stir it every now and then.

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I saved my apple juice container so I could store the leftovers in there and just heat some up in the microwave when I wanted another cup.

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I don’t know why this simple little recipe is so tasty, but I’m not complaining. I hope you fall in love with its flavor and smell like I did!

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