Slipcover Tutorial {How to Finish the Body}

This post is part of my Slipcover Tutorial series. Go here to start from the beginning. 

Slipcover finish body

Last week I covered how to make the slipcover skirt, now I’ll detail the last few steps to making the slipcover body.

Put the slipcover on your couch right side out. Pin the ends of the back piece so that it conforms to the edge of the couch. Since my couch has rounded places where the arms are, I needed to have a rounded place at the top and then straight down the side.

finish up 1

I used lots of pins so I would be sure and get the form right.

finish up 2

I sewed the fabric down and then cut pieces of velcro to fit all along the edge where the back piece meets the arm pieces. Make sure you put the velcro on the inside of the back piece and the outside of the arm piece.

finish up 3

Ta-da! It’s really coming together!

finish up 4

I realize that mine looks a little rough, but at this point I really didn’t care since it’s the back, which is up against a wall, and since I was really ready to be done with this project.

finish up 5

finish up 6

Now for the last step, sew a couple more pieces of velcro onto the skirt to close up that last little bit. I overlapped the back piece onto the side piece, since I’d left the back skirt pieces with a few inches on the ends.

finish up 7

Then Nike got in on the action. She thinks that the couch pulled away from the wall means that there’s a toy stuck back there for her, so she was a little disappointed.

finish up 8

finish up 9

Next week I’ll get to the final step: the big couch pillows!

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