Spring Dress Refashion

A while back, Cara & I went shopping at a local thrift store. I got this dress for $4. It’s a size 14, which is giant on me. I bought it, along with a white button-up shirt that is my size, so that I could use all of that pretty blue fabric to make something I could wear.

I used one of my dresses to decide how long to cut the skirt.


I folded the skirt in half, and sewed right down the middle, because the skirt was big enough that half of it would work for me.

Again, I snipped the extra fabric off of the skirt.

Here’s the shirt that I bought. I wanted it to be short sleeved, so I cut off the sleeves & hemmed them.

I ironed down the edge of the skirt & added elastic & hemmed it at the same time.

I marked on the shirt where I wanted it to meet the skirt.

 I pinned the skirt & shirt together & sewed.

I snipped off the extra shirt material.

Then added a belt, & voila! A cute dress that’s the right size for me. And the best part is, I still have about 3/4 of that dress left, so that’s two sewing projects for under $10!

Now I’m ready for spring!

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