Summer Sabbatical 2014

 photo summersabbatical_zps1fb791d0.pngWe’re putting up the laptops and breaking out the flip-flops (and the chocolate)!

The thought of taking a blogging sabbatical was foreign to us until a few weeks ago. A blogger Lisa follows announced her return from a sabbatical after working for four months writing two posts a week.

Lisa brought the idea to me, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! A break was a welcomed idea.

Don’t mistake me, we love blogging, but we both have lots of summer plans already, so taking a break from blogging will help us make sure we’re able to do all we have planned.

We started this blog last September and have been writing 3-4 posts a week since day one… that’s a lot! We’re not giving up on you here, just taking a break for a season. So, don’t give up on us either! Feel free to browse our past posts and share them with your friends.

We’ll still be writing for Jessica over at All She Cooks twice a month, and some of our guest bloggers might be contributing here still (we’ve left that up to them). So, you won’t see cobwebs or anything, just a lot fewer posts this summer.

While we’re gone eating chocolate and painting our nails, we’ll also be working on our summer goals and maybe even doing some redesign work! We’ll try not to get too crazy though.

If you have any changes you want to see on The Helpmates or any new post ideas for us… now is the time! Let us know what direction you want us to take the blog when we return. You have until August 1st to decide!

So, enjoy your summer with your families, because that’s what we’ll be doing!

Until next time,

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