Summertime with the Kieklaks

Hello, internet! Here’s a quick update, mostly in pictures, of what the Kieklaks were up to this summer.

 photo summerfun5_zps25e10ebd.png

Lazy Saturdays – waffles & cartoons.

 photo summerfun2_zps84b315fd.png

Many walks & subsequent naps with this girl.

 photo summerfun12_zps8f589f7e.png

Road trip to Fayetteville for a wedding.

 photo summerfun1_zpsa2a68543.png

 photo summerfun11_zps0fb036df.png

Good time with friends & family in Fayetteville.

 photo summerfun3_zpscf2b59ec.png

I enjoyed many a blended lemonade.

 photo summerfun4_zps6cb0f0ac.png

Even Nike got in on the Starbucks action with a few ‘pup cups’.

 photo summerfun6_zpsfd30e5e0.png

I re-read several of the Anne-books: always a delight.

 photo summerfun8_zps81cbf0e6.png

A peaceful one-night camping trip.

 photo summerfun9_zps79c607d3.png

 photo summerfun7_zps295783bc.png

And two very well-done Shakespeare plays in the park. We tried to go back for a third, but weather prevented us.

That’s our summer in a nutshell! There were also several craft projects and recipe adventures, but you’ll be hearing about those in future posts.

Overall, we’re well-rested and ready for this next semester – bring on autumn!

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