Ten Ways to be a GREAT Bridesmaid

I love weddings. I mean, I really love weddings. This is good because I have been a part of eight weddings as a bridesmaid, served in several other friends’ weddings in various capacities, and got married almost ten months ago myself! I consider it a huge blessing to have been a part of the wedding day of so many friends. So through all these experiences and the process of planning my own wedding, I feel like I have learned a lot about being a bridesmaid. Whether you are planning your own wedding or are going to be a part of one soon, I hope these things will be helpful as the wedding craziness ensues! So without further ado, here are ten ways to be a GREAT bridesmaid.

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1. Remember that it’s not about you.

First and foremost, this day is about God. Marriage is one of the greatest pictures of the Gospel that we are given in the Bible. This is a celebration of another picture of the Gospel beginning. Secondly, it’s about the bride and groom. It’s their day, not yours, so don’t try to make it about you.

2. Be helpful, but not overbearing.

This was something that I really appreciated from my bridesmaids on my wedding day. They were willing to do whatever needed to be done, but they didn’t overload me with questions. The bride is obviously going to have a lot on her mind so it will help her out if you’re willing to help, but not being a burden to her.

3. Plan special surprises during the weekend of the wedding.

This was another really special thing during my wedding weekend. For my bachelorette party, my bridesmaids planned a scavenger hunt with fun activities and prizes. On my wedding day, my sisters surprised me with a plate of beautiful cookies, one for each bridesmaid with their names on it. And there were many more surprises that weekend. I will never forget all those little things that made that weekend so special.

4. Be a servant.

This one is key. Your primary goal as a bridesmaid is to serve the bride. Make it your goal to make things easier for her so that she can focus on what’s really important: the beginning of her marriage.

5. Get to know the other bridesmaids.

This one may seem a little strange, but stay with me. Many times in weddings, some members of the wedding party may not know each other. But you do all have one thing in common: the bride. You don’t have to become best friends. But it will mean a lot to the bride if you make an effort to get to know the other girls in the wedding party. Plus, you’ll have more fun that way!

6. Don’t get your feelings hurt over insignificant things.

Weddings can be stressful. In the midst of stress, people can say things that they don’t really mean. As a bridesmaid, it will be helpful to the bride if you just stay positive and let things go. Don’t let one snappy comment or look ruin your day or the bride’s. Stay cool!

7. Enjoy your time with the bride.

One of my favorite things about being in my friends’ weddings was that I got to hang out with the bride all day on her wedding day. The best! Enjoy your time with the bride before the wedding. This is one of most important days of her life and you get the privilege of spending it with her. So take advantage of that and enjoy it!

8. Think of ways to put the bride at ease.

Getting married is exciting but also really scary. And as the walk down the aisle gets closer and closer, it’s easy to start getting anxious. So as a bridesmaid, think of ways that you can help your friend de-stress. Tell fun stories from the past. Make jokes. Keep things lighthearted. Pray for her. This will help more than you know!

9. Roll with the punches.

AKA, be flexible. Like I said before, weddings can be crazy and hectic. If you’re stressed, the bride is more likely to be stressed. So stay loose and don’t get too stressed about the details. Things aren’t going to go exactly as planned, and that’s ok! So just be ready to make adjustments as necessary and roll with it!

10. Have fun!

Last, but certainly not least! This is a wedding, a celebration. So have fun! Celebrate with your friend and share in her happiness. Dance your heart out, eat some cake, and enjoy the day.

This list is not exhaustive by any means. Just a few things I have learned along the way. Hopefully this will help you in all of your weddings to come. Happy bridesmaid-ing!
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