Thanksgiving in Chicago

This Thanksgiving, I drove up to Chicago and finally got to meet my newest nephew, Max! He’s now almost two months old, and he’s a cutie, just like his big brother Jesse!


I also got to see where my brother and his family live in Hyde Park and my parents were there. We had a fun time playing with the two little boys, eating delicious food, and walking around Chicago. 



Max took a nap with me after Thanksgiving dinner.


On Friday, my brother took us to see the University of Chicago, where he’s getting his Ph.D. It was cold!


Jesse stayed warm in his cute monkey hat.


Here’s where my brother spends most of his time, in the Divinity School.


Almost all the buildings on campus are this older style of architecture, which I love.


We also walked by the Museum of Science & Industry, which was originally built for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and is one of only two remaining structures from the fair.


Our walk also took us to the shore of Lake Michigan, which was much too cold for a swim, but still very beautiful.


We got a good view of downtown Chicago from Promontory Point before heading back to their apartment.


It was a very relaxing Thanksgiving, and such a blessing to get to see my family, especially now that I live so far from them.

Hopefully Steve and I will get settled into our new house this week and I’ll be able to update you soon on our move!

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