The Day I Swallowed a Watermelon Seed {Kramp Twin Bump Collage}

I thought it would be fun to share a quick little collage of my twin baby bump progression. I didn’t take photos every single week, but fairly regularly throughout my pregnancy.

I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo, but week 13 is when I first felt my bump coming in… or so I thought. 😉 It’s kind of humorous looking at it now. Week 18 was my halfway mark. Week 22 my bump ‘popped’ and started to round out a little more. And week 28 was when someone finally noticed that I was pregnant! Although the comment went something like this “Whoa, I didn’t realize you were pregnant until you turned to the side… you’re one of those tricky pregnant women!” Haha!

One of my favorite parts of having people comment on my bump was when they asked me “Boy or Girl?” and I got to respond “Both”. 

My last photo was taken two days before delivery. I technically went into labor that evening, but I didn’t know it. More on that later when I get a chance to write out my birth story for you! There are so many posts I still want to share with you… my delivery, the story behind our babies’ names, posts on the joy of motherhood, more baby photos, etc. But believe it or not, taking care of two newborns keeps my hands pretty full, so my posts might be a little fewer and farther between for a while.

But for now, here’s my bump collage! The 16 bump photos I took throughout my pregnancy followed by my 37 week picture once the babies were finally here!

 photo 21CF27A3-B46D-4F6F-8CDA-8F83DB96075A_zps7tbolwyv.png

Here they are in their 5 day old glory!

 photo B7ED835F-4E34-410A-BA30-49F8B7287314_zpsillclxrp.jpg

It was a joy to grow my big bump with these two littles staying healthy inside for so long, but I sure am glad they are here in my arms at last!

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