The End of the Challenge

end of the challenge
Well, people, November is over. I can’t believe it went by so quickly. I’m so glad that Katie & I did the blog challenge. It’s stretched me in ways I didn’t expect, and it helped me see that blogging more frequently wouldn’t be that scary of a thing. It definitely wasn’t as difficult or stressful as I expected it to be. 

Here’s my goal update:

Better sleep & getting in the Word:

With a good routine in place (complete with alarms for going to bed), Steve and I are both getting much better sleep. At first, it was a difficult adjustment, but now it just feels like routine, and it’s only been a month. My time in the Word is still more inconsistent than I’d like it to be, so I still have plenty of room to grow there.

Keeping the house clean:

Last month I let up with the dishes and laundry much better than usual, as well as the clutter that seems to grow of its own accord.

Regular blogging:


Regular exercise:

A big fat sad face – you can find the explanation here.

Intentional Service:

I probably didn’t check this one off every day, but I’ve definitely had a better eye for service opportunities and a good attitude when they come to my attention.

Memorize Colossians:

3/4 of the way there, which is a lot more work than I’ve put into this memory project in the past year, so I still call that a success. I’m once again carrying around my memory cards and going through them when I get the chance, which is definitely a step in the right direction. I’m going to try and memorize the final chapter in December.

tri-diamond graphic

Overall, last month was an excellent exercise in discipline. One of the major side-effects that I didn’t anticipate was watching significantly less TV. As in almost none. I didn’t consciously limit my TV time, I just naturally used my time in other ways (cleaning, reading, writing) when I was more conscious of how I spent it, which has been a blessing.

I’m so glad that Katie was along for the ride. She lends a different perspective & a new voice to the blog, which is refreshing. Go here to read her thoughts on the challenge.

By the way – Cara’s back! Have you heard her exciting news? Go congratulate her in the comments!

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