The Friday Five {1.20.17}


1. Parents, Let Your ‘No’ be ‘No’ – An article by Sam Crabtree on While every child is different and every parent is different, consistency and being true to your word will go a long way in parenting. Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.” –Matthew 5:37, ESV

2. Racial Reconciliation in 2017 – 2016 showed us that we still have a lot of work to do in this area, and this article is a good place to start us thinking about how to put those plans into action. Only when we love like Christ loves will we begin to see healing.

3. In this video, bioethicist Megan Best talks about the ethics of infertility treatments & how to best support your friends and family who may be struggling with infertility. For more on my (Lisa’s) personal thoughts on this, you can read my posts on why we decided against IFV and the differences between IVF and embryo adoption.

4. Rhonna Designs – I’ve been asked a lot about which app I used to make my pregnancy updates as well as the twins’ monthly updates, and this is it! It’s also what I use for making all my blog graphics, and how I planned out my growth ruler ahead of time. It’s great to be able to work on these graphics at a red light or sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s office, since I rarely have the time to sit in front of a computer anymore. Bonus… it’s user friendly and only $1.99!

5. Holiday Honeycrisp Salad – The second best thing about having a baby (besides, ya know…the baby) is getting lots of meals brought to you by loving friends. A sweet friend from my church made us a meal that included this salad, and I loved it so much I’ve made it twice since then. The homemade dressing definitely makes it!

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Two friends striving to be faithful women of God and excellent wives.
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