The Friday Five {1.6.17}

We were doing some blog planning last week & decided to start a new series this year: The Friday Five. It’s just a simple post every Friday sharing 5 things we’ve come across over the week that made us think, laugh, cry, learn, or praise God.

We really want this blog to be a place where we share our lives with you, and a weekly roundup is an easy way to keep you in the loop & share our thoughts ona wide variety of topics.

So, here goes!

Food for Thought

1. Two sets of white girls were given black dolls and reacted oppositely

God created a world of diversity, and this is a great reminder to raise our children with a love and respect for that diversity.

2. Moms, Quit Trying to Sell Each Other Stuff

It’s great that these jobs are out there for women to help support their families, and I’m always glad to hear a pitch – but I appreciate it when a friend takes my first ‘no’ seriously & doesn’t treat me like the only reason we’re friends is to supplement her income.

3. The new Star Wars movie Rogue One has brought a galaxy far, far away a little closer for multiple demographics. I (Lisa) recognized that the cast was diverse, but it hadn’t occurred to me what it would mean to others to see characters like them at the forefront of a huge franchise, since I’ve always had Princess Leia (and most other on-screen heroes/heroines) that looked and talked just like me.

Going Deeper

4.  Step up your prayer life with this free Valley of Vision resource. If you haven’t heard of it, Valley of Vision is a book of Puritan prayers and devotionals. They are short, powerful, and theologically rich, and this guide is designed to help you deepen your prayer life by reading devotions from different categories throughout the day.

Getting Creative

5. This woman I (Lisa) follow on Instagram just started a new account – Word Domination – specifically for daily lettering in her journaling Bible & sermon notes. Check it out for some amazing handwriting and sketch note inspiration.

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Two friends striving to be faithful women of God and excellent wives.
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