The Friday Five {3.17.17}


1. “My daughter has got a bigger purpose in life” – This sweet couple goes to my (Lisa’s) church. It’s been encouraging watching them go through this trial and see their faith strengthen as their pregnancy progresses. The Youngs, and our church alongside them, have done a great job of living out Romans 12:15, rejoicing over Eva’s life & preparing to mourn over her death. Pray for them as Eva’s delivery day gets closer.

2. Remember Saint Patrick“Deep beneath much of what the day has become is the inspiring mission of Patrick pioneering the gospel among an unreached people, despite the frowning face of the church establishment. Saint Patrick’s Day, in its truest meaning, is not about avoiding the lost, but bringing them good news. It turns out Saint Paddy’s Day really is for the pagans.”

3. Resist the Internet- Used within reasonable limits, of course, these devices also offer us new graces. But we are not using them within reasonable limits. They are the masters; we are not. They are built to addict us, as the social psychologist Adam Alter’s new book “Irresistible” points out — and to madden us, distract us, arouse us and deceive us. We primp and perform for them as for a lover; we surrender our privacy to their demands; we wait on tenterhooks for every “like.” The smartphone is in the saddle, and it rides mankind.

4. Moms, You’re Not a Ghost – It is essential to not only the health of our families but to the good of our soul that we set aside our feelings and pursue truth. Our feelings lie. They deceive us because they are often centered in our fleshly nature. We may look at the ways we care for our family and find that we serve without thanks. We may feel that what we do doesn’t really matter. We may give and give with nothing given in return. We may not even feel needed. Yet, these feelings of insignificance have no weight when placed on the scales of truth. We can change how we feel by rightly believing God’s word. And God tells us that mothers are not ghosts.

5. Pray Your Way Out of Worry– Whenever we feel like a situation is out of our hands, or out of our control, there is always something we can do: we can always move toward God in prayer. If worry is the anxious, unproductive conversation between a problem and ourselves, prayer brings God into that conversation.

cara and lisa 2

Two friends striving to be faithful women of God and excellent wives.
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