The Friday Five {3.3.17}


1. More than BFFs , When Friendship Goes Too Far – “Followers of Christ find many good things in friendship, but identity and security should never be among them. However harmless this may seem, allowing anyone but God to be your peace of mind and the joy of your heart is dangerous.”

2. Worship Music Playlist – This is a great playlist that was put together by our church in Kentucky. It’s full of simple, God-centered worship songs.

3. If you aren’t already following standforLIFE on Facebook or Instagram, you should be! Here’s their mission:

By uniting believers in LIFE, we strive to offer compassion and truth to the conversation surrounding abortion. We share love through stories of grace and redemption that demonstrate the beauty surrounding every human being given the opportunity to live.

4. This Gospel Coalition article on the importance of face-to-face discipleship among women within the local church is a great read, and now I hope I can find time to read Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s book that inspired it, Adorned.

5. I (Lisa) have tried several recipes for Cashew Chicken, and this recipe by The Garlic Diaries is by far my favorite. It’s quick and easy, and super delicious – we had it just last night!

Two friends striving to be faithful women of God and excellent wives.
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