The Friday Five {4.21.17}


1. What Not to Ask Someone Suffering – Written by someone who knows what it means to suffer, this article is very helpful in knowing how best to reach out to those around us who are working through a trial or loss.

2. Difficult Friendships Are Good for You – Sometimes being a friend is hard. Within the church, we are called to love one another like brothers and sisters, to rejoice and mourn alongside each other. This article helps outline some strategies for dealing with those relationships with sisters within the church that are hard, hurtful, or draining.

3. This list of books for children and teens can help them understand what it’s like to live as a refugee. As privileged Americans, it’s important for us to be educated about the hardships of refugee life & to educate our children as well.

4. John Granger likes to call himself the Hogwarts Professor. He’s written many articles and several books analyzing the literary themes and merits of the Harry Potter series. In one of my favorite articles of his, he talks about what it means for a generation to have shared texts and why it’s good culturally and from a Christian worldview that Harry Potter is our generation’s shared text. It’s a long article, but definitely worth the read.

5. If you like reading children’s fantasy & you’re looking for a good read, check out the 100 Cupboards series by N.D. Wilson. This story of a boy who doesn’t seem to fit in this world is a bit like the Chronicles of Narnia if it were set in Kansas and had plenty of baseball. There’s a trilogy of books already published, and a prequel coming out this summer that I’m excited to read.

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