The Friday Five {5.19.17}


Bible Study

1. Bible Reading is An Art – This video is where I’m at right now. You probably saw the Bible reading plan I (Cara) shared on May 1st on the blog. I’ve been so eager lately to read the Bible every single chance I get. This has been a hard season of life for me, and I felt an urging to get in God’s Word more. It has impacted my heart in many, many ways – particularly in my parenting (more on that another day!). But I just wanted to share this video and encourage you to carve out the time to just get in the word every day. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my Bible reading time is by no means glamorous. It’s often on the floor of the bathroom while holding Abi and supervising Liam & Cherish’s bath time. But if I can do it, then I hope that’s an encouragement that you can too, because seriously, I barely have time to wash my hair most days.

2. She Reads Truth Bible – Part of what launched my 7 month Bible reading plan was the fact that my current Bible is falling apart at the seams and I wanted to read through it one last time before “retiring” it. I’ll save it for Cherish to have one day when she’s older because I think all my notes and underlines will be so sweet for her to read. My next one will be for Abi, and Liam will get Matt’s. Well, as I was looking for my next Bible, I stumbled across this one via a twin mama friend on Instagram. I browsed their website (fell in love) and ordered myself a She Reads Truth Bible on Pre-sale to use once I’m finished with this one. It won’t come in until the end of the month, but I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival! It’s a new translation to me, but Matt and I have been wanting to try it out since one of his seminary professors helped translate it. Not to mention the fact that this Bible is simply stunning with all its beautiful handlettering and color schemes. Be on the lookout, I’ll be sure and post photos once mine comes in!

3. How To Read The Bible For Yourself – Another helpful article in Bible reading. A simplified inductive approach as you zone in and go slower in certain passages. I’m also doing a Philippians Bible study with a friend this summer, so this will be particularly helpful for me to apply these tips as I camp out for 20 weeks there!

4. LifeWay Online Bible Studies – If you’re looking for a more structured study right now, here is a great list of online Bible studies that you can register for in the coming months. I (Lisa) finished the Beth Moore Entrusted study of 2 Timothy in the fall, and it was amazing.

5. Think You Know How to Study? Think Again. – This article isn’t specific to studying the Bible, but it lists several tips that can help you get more out of your Bible study. One of the keys they stress is to mix things up. With studying the Bible you can try different types of studies, like we’ve listed here, different Bible translations, and do both broad and more focused readings. Try reading the Bible aloud with friends, reading large chunks straight through, and memorizing single verses or whole chapters. The variety of study will help you understand and retain more of what you study and memorize long-term.

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Two friends striving to be faithful women of God and excellent wives.
  1. Thanks! Since reading Women of the Word I’ve been wanting more resources on bible study and literacy and these are great.

    1. I’m glad you’re finding them helpful! 🙂

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