The Friday Five {5.26.17}


1. Ask Pastor John – You might have heard of the podcast “Ask Pastor John” by Desiring God. People submit questions for John Piper to answer. Well, this time they brought in an expert and asked how to survive a zombie apocalypse. You’re welcome.

2. This sweet video is a good encouragement and reminder to us moms of how impactful a ‘normal’ or even ‘hard’ day can be for our kids. What a gift our children are to us!

3. Cara’s Famous…sort of! – I made a separate Instagram account for my bullet journal (@kramp_bujo) so all the people wanting to see my cute babies didn’t get annoyed with pictures of my journal, and guess what?! BuzzFeed got ahold of a photo I shared on there days after I created the account and featured me in one of their articles with some other bullet journalists! Check out number 13 on the list!

Embryo Jewelry

You might have seen the article we shared about human embryo jewelry a few weeks ago. Here are two great responses to this horrifying practice:

4. Embryos Are Too Important to Be Made into Jewelry

5. The Horror of Human Embryo Jewelry

cara and lisa 2

Two friends striving to be faithful women of God and excellent wives.
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