The Friday Five {6.9.17}


Harry Potter

It’s no secret that I (Lisa) am a huge fan of Harry Potter (just check out the tattoo on my wrist), and I know that Cara is a big fan, as well. Besides the fact that the books are masterfully-crafted literature, they contain valuable messages about morality and the nature of good and evil, and they’re riddled with Christian symbolism. Here are a few of my favorite articles explaining the value of these books.

1. Harry Potter as a Shared Text – This article is a little long, but well worth the read. Granger explains what a shared text is, it’s value to society, why the pre-Harry generation was lacking a shared text, and why he’s glad, as a Christian and a father, that Harry Potter has become a shared text.

2. Why the Harry Potter Books are Better – I enjoy the Harry Potter movies, but this was an interesting read explaining the value of the books as the primary source of the story.


3. Tonight Show Superlatives: 2017 Stanley Cup Finals – In honor of the Pittsburgh Penguins making it to the Stanley Cup Finals (we Kieklaks are big Penguins fans), here’s a short clip that you’ll love even if you know nothing about hockey.

4. One Goal: Learning from a Black Hockey Star – Though his team is currently going head-to-head with ours in the finals, this article outlines some good thoughts on how we as Christians can learn from P.K. Subban.

5. LeBron Invokes Imprecatory Psalms Against Curry (Babylon Bee)

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  1. I’m glad you posted these, we are finally letting Mer read them this summer and she’s loving them!

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