The Friday Five {7.7.17}



How to Become a Minimalist – This one is just for fun! JP Sears put out this hilarious video sharing all his secrets into “becoming minimalist”.

8 Ted Talks That Will Inspire You to Become a Minimalist – I haven’t watched all these yet, so I can’t vouch for the morals or entirety of the content, but Ted Talks are usually pretty interesting. You can pick and choose what hits home for you with this minimalism wave.

20 Reasons to Say Yes to Less Toys More Play – I know, I know. The grammar is off, it should be fewer toys. They actually made it a point to explain how they knew it was wrong and like it better this way, which is odd. I think Lisa would disagree with them on that one *cough cough grammar police*. I debated on sharing this one because between the grammar and the fact that several of these ’20’ points are the same just reworded, I was a little annoyed. But, the points they do make (twice) are fair points. I agree with most of the sentiment and have seen much of it ring true in my own children. The fewer toys/clutter, the more play/imagination!

Foster Their Imagination: Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids – And in case that grammar thing really bugged you, here’s another article saying basically the same thing with correct grammar. Your welcome. Oops….You’re* welcome.

Carseat Safety

The One Carseat Rule Often Overlooked

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