The Friday Five {9.22.17}


A Podcast for Everything

1. The Phil Vischer Podcast – If you enjoy a good ukulele & the nostalgia of Veggie Tales voices, this podcast is for you. Phil (known for creating Veggie Tales) and his friends Skye & Christian talk with guests on a wide range of topics. I like how Phil has people on his show who probably believe differently than he does, but he treats everyone with respect and doesn’t necessarily voice his own views.

2. Signposts with Russell Moore – If you’re wondering how, as a Christian, to respond to things happening in our world today, this podcast is for you. Dr. Moore switches between answering listener questions & interviewing guests. He addresses relevant topics for everyday life as a Christian, using scripture as his standard. I like how short these episodes usually are, perfect for a quick run to the store or just standing at the sink washing dishes.

3. God Centered Mom Podcast – If you’re a mom who wants to hear wisdom and encouragement from other moms, this podcast is for you. Heather MacFadyen speaks to moms where they are and constantly points any moms listening to trust in God for their strength, as the reiterates that God cares for us even in the mundane everyday.

4. Freakonomics Radio – If you like learning about our world, especially from an economic standpoint, then this podcast is for you. Stephen Dubner discovers “the hidden side of everything” as he talks to experts in every field imaginable about everything from mattresses to I always learn something & come away thinking a little differently about how the world works.

5. Sleep With Me Podcast – If you have trouble falling asleep, this podcast is for you. Drew Ackerman (“Scooter” on the show) drones on endlessly about whatever he wants (Star Trek, Pee Wee Herman, his own memories). It’s the perfect blend of bland delivery and meandering sentences, and it’s just entertaining enough to keep your mind from wandering and soothe you to sleep. It’s great for after I get up at 4 or 5 to feed the boys and then they go back down for 2-3 hours, but I’m wide awake.

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