The Friday Five {9.29.17}


Books On Sexual Purity For Children

1. God Made All of Me – A book to help children protect their bodies.

2. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. – A simple plan to help protect young minds.

Matt and I bought these two books for our children about 6 months ago or so, and after several read throughs I would say they are both worthy of a recommendation. The first one is more about helping children protect their bodies from inappropriate touches from other people. It’s a little too wordy for the twins (age 2), so usually I just summarize each page with a few shorter sentences as I’m reading. But they will definitely grow into it soon!  And it’s the best I’ve seen on this topic for as young as they are so far. Would love to hear more you’ve found though! The second, while a bit pricey, is perfect for the twins age. It’s a book about pornography, and teaches children the difference between ‘good pictures’ and ‘bad pictures’. I like that these books don’t shy away from the tough topics, because I believe being educated at a young age is a good first step in helping teach our children to guard their bodies and minds to remain pure.

More Resources for Parents

3. Biggest Story ABC by Kevin DeYoung – A great book to start teaching your children about the Bible.

4. This Changes Everything by Jaquelle Crowe – A book by a teen for teens, an excellent resource for helping teens understand the depth & breadth of the gospel and how it should radically change their lives.

5. Fun & Quiet Toys for Kids that Won’t Annoy You – I (Lisa) hate obnoxious, electronic toys, so this list was a nice find.

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