The Helpmates Takes the Next Step {Blog Ads}

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If you’ve been on the site in the last few days, you might have noticed something new: an ad! It’s sitting there in our sidebar right now (or at the bottom of the page if you’re on your phone).

We’ve talked for years about monetizing our blog, since it’s something we both spend a lot of time and energy on. We want it to look clean and inviting, be well-written, and show you our hearts, minds, and lives – along with plenty of baby pictures! Checking all those boxes takes time, especially the design elements, which we’re proud to say we’ve designed and coded all ourselves.

In our research, we’ve found many recommendations for monetizing a blog, and putting up a few simple, pay-per-click ads seems like the best first step for us. Since we do care about keeping our design simple, we’ll try to keep the ads from cluttering up our little home here. Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll continue tinkering with ad placement, and deciding how many ads fit in our space.

Thank you for bearing with us through this process. We’re certainly not trying to leverage you lovely readers to get rich – but even the little bit we’ll make each week will add up over the year. Every little bit helps for us busy stay-at-home moms!

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