The Kentucky Derby

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I grew up with a great love of horses. My sister loved them, and I wanted to be just like her, so I loved them, too. This mutual horse-craziness led to a lot of amazing memories over the years.

Though we’re 9 years apart, we bonded over early morning feedings, late night foal-watching, and some scary close calls. 

So, naturally, I grew up watching the Kentucky Derby. I’ve always watched all three races in the Triple Crown, but the Derby is my favorite.

I love all the tradition. The trumpet, the walkover, the paddock, the hats, and the great stories behind all the horses. I’ve always dreamed of getting to go to the Derby.

Now that we live in Louisville, it’s great to see everyone else getting excited about it. Everyone knows it’s Derby time, it’s all people talk about the whole week beforehand, and kids get the Friday before off of school for Oaks Day. My neighbor even warned us not to plant anything till after Derby Day.

I originally planned to go, but my friends ended up having plans and Steve had to work. Being an introvert and all, I’d much rather watch it from home than go wade through the crowds alone.

So this Saturday, I avoided the terrible traffic and stayed home. All I could hear all day was the 4-6 planes circling overhead at any given time, their banners waving out behind them, and vague noises of traffic and crowds.

It was so weird while I watched the tv coverage, knowing that my house was just barely out of view when they showed aerial shots. It was surreal.

Even though I didn’t get to go this year, I still loved watching the race. The horses ran, the best horse won, and now they’re off to the Preakness. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a Triple Crown winner this year!

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