The Kieklak Twins {Weeks 33-34}

week 33

week 34

34-week appointment:

Total weight gain: 47 lbs

At my appointment today, my doctor said everything was looking good. I’ve been having nonstress tests twice a week at the hospital (4 so far). These tests just check to make sure the boys’ heart rates spike a couple times within a 20-minute period of monitoring. If their heart rates respond well, it’s called a reactive nonstress test, and that means they’ve got a good oxygen supply. So far, both babies have had reactive results every time.

One of the good things about the NSTs has been that I get to hear the heartbeats twice a week and check up on their positions. So far, Baby A has been head down for almost 2 weeks, and Baby B has been head up. I hope they stay that way, or at least that Baby A doesn’t move.

I didn’t have an ultrasound this week, but the doctor checked my cervix and it was 75% effaced. I asked her to guess how much longer she thinks I’ll make it, and she said she wouldn’t be surprised if I made it to 38 weeks. So I could have as much as a month left, we’ll see!

As far as symptoms, I’m honestly not too uncomfortable right now. I’ve gotten used to all the reflux (thank you Gaviscon & Pepcid!), and I try to keep my feet propped up and lay down for a while at some point during the day to help keep my feet from swelling. Also, it takes me more effort to get up and down from sitting/laying, but other than those things I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ll have appointments weekly from here on out, and keep doing to NSTs twice a week, so check back next week for an update!

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