The Krampy Shanty ‘Before’ Photos

Okay, as promised (way back in June before our sabbatical)… house pictures!

Matt and I bought our very first house at the tail end of May. It’s nothing fancy (hence the name ‘The Krampy Shanty’), but it’s still a huge blessing to us, and we pray it will be to many others soon!

 photo photo320_zps76fee00a.jpg

Living room with front door…

 photo photo117_zps6381362a.jpg

The other side of the living room (it’s a long and narrow living room)…

 photo photo218_zps03bfb616.jpg

Kitchen and dining area…

 photo photo319_zps653298d4.jpg

Kitchen and side door. The stairwell to the basement is to the right just before you exit the side door…

 photo photo414_zps3e2c3770.jpg

Bedroom one (we made this one our guest bedroom)…

 photo photo118_zps82c91897.jpg

Bedroom two (master bedroom)…

 photo photo219_zpsef163de2.jpg


 photo photo514_zpsa8185caf.jpg

There ya have it, my before photos! The house already looks so different than these photos, and we’re just a month in as I’m writing this post.

I mentioned in my ‘We Bought a House‘ post about the great price God provided for us with this house. The bank did about $12,000 in repairs on their own accord (not to mention the few we asked for). Part of the repairs they did were the bathroom tile, tub, vanity, and brand new carpet throughout the house.

Matt and I have already started renovating the kitchen (it’s just about finished!), and I’m a girl, so of course I painted a few rooms here and there!

I can’t wait to show you some of the changes we’ve made to the place. Lots more house renovation blog posts to come!

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