The Krampy Shanty {Family Closet Reveal}


When we finished out our basement this summer, we added 5 new rooms. I’ve already revealed our giant playroom, our simple master bedroom, and now it’s time for our 3rd room reveal: our family closet!

The funny thing is, this room wasn’t really made for this purpose, but our plans changed. We planned to make this a tiny little nursery for baby Abi, and we thought we would put all the family’s clothing in our walk in closet attached to our master bedroom.

But as we were splitting up the twins into a girl room and boy room, we decided to shoot for the moon and move Abi into Cherish’s room earlier than expected – just to see if it worked. Abi is a good sleeper for the most part, so we thought we could at least give it a try and call an audible if we needed to.

The girls did as good as we could have expected for Kramp kids with a big transition, so we still have them sharing a room upstairs. A boy sleep room and girl sleep room was our longterm goal anyways, so we were pleased to see it happen sooner than expected. What a blessing! And we still have a crib in our master closet (AKA nursery) in case anyone is sick or needs extra care one night, we can give them the special attention they need that way.

So, I decided to change things up and make good use of this space with a family closet! Yes, you read correctly, all 5 of us sharing 1 closet. It may not be for everyone, but for me it is a dream come true logistically.

The main only time I have to do laundry is when the kids are asleep. 2/3 of my babies are light sleepers and would go into a screaming fit if I accidentally woke them at night to put away laundry in their room.

So, I used to lay it all outside their door at night with hopes to put it away first thing in the morning. It was a decent idea, but never played out as well as I hoped. Sometimes the robot vacuum knocked over my piles at night. Sometimes the kids beat me to them and tried to ‘help’ bring me the piles. And sometimes I left the kids in the crib as I frantically tried to put everything away, but they screamed the whole time and that didn’t seem too fair.

So, new plan! Family closet right across from the laundry room! Child safety lock on the door so no one destroys it. Probably the smartest decision I’ve made in my adult life.

Here are the pictures!

Matt’s section:


My section (Yes, my husband has more clothes than me):


Liam’s section:


Cherish & Abi’s section:


Adult side:


Kids’ side:


Bins & Baskets:







Wall baskets:


Full view:



And just to answer a few questions before I get asked….

1. Yes, Matt & I wear underwear. Remember our 5 drawer dresser in the master closet? We keep our undergarments, pajamas, socks, a few workout outfits, and paint clothes in there.

2. We keep a small amount of outgrown children’s clothing in our unfinished storage room for sibling hand me downs. We also store ‘still too big’ hand me downs we have received from friends in there.

3. The room is 6 foot by 6.5 foot.

4. Yes, I love my label maker.

5. No, Abi doesn’t wear socks. She’s a baby, and it’s summer.

6. Our shoes are organized in bins upstairs by the front door.

7. We have all our coats/jackets in a tiny coat closet upstairs.

8. Yes, this is really all the clothing I own aside from said dresser & coats, my wedding dress (in guest bedroom closet), and my maternity clothes. My maternity clothes literally include 1 pair of jeans and one sweat shirt, and I lent them to a friend currently.

9. Logistics… I wear a robe from the shower to the closet to get dressed or I bring my clothes with me. I bring the kids in the closet with me each morning to have them help pick out their outfits, same at night for pajamas. I have no idea what Matt does because I’m asleep when he leaves for work. You can ask him.

10. Did I mention I love my label maker?

And if I missed your question, please ask! I realize this is a very unusual way to do things, so I’m more than willing to answer anything else you’d like to know about our family of 5 closet.

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