That’s right, I’m yet another year older. I don’t really feel any different, maybe because enough changes have been going on with the big move that a birthday doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. But I still had a fun time celebrating! Here’s the rundown of the big day:

Sleeping in late, since it was a Saturday (definitely a birthday blessing). And then a little crafting – I extended my curtains to make them long enough, but you’ll see more of that soon!


I also spent a fair amount of time admiring the beautiful shelf Steve gave me. He knows I’ve been wanting to set up a coffee bar for a while, so he’s helping me realize my dreams. Isn’t it beautiful?


We went out to lunch at Tom+Chee, a local grilled cheese restaurant that’s got some gluten free bread that’s just about the best bread I’ve ever eaten.


I got a little pampering when Cara took me out to get a manicure. My nails are the gold ones (Cara wanted my birthday nails to be a festive, celebratory color). We got this gel stuff that’s supposed to make them last longer. So far, there’s no chipping, but I haven’t gotten used to how they feel yet. Typing with stiff nails is strange.


Of course, there was a Starbucks trip. I needed some caramel apple spice, especially since it was snowing a little. I like it when it snows on my birthday, because everyone gets to celebrate! I choose to believe that everyone loves snow as much as me.


On Saturday night, I met my friends Joy and Taryn for dessert at a place called Sweet Surrender. They had some amazing gluten free options (the one I chose involved chocolate cake, cheese cake, and raspberry icing), and my cake was free since I was the birthday girl. I’m definitely going back next year!


Then last night (because when my birthday falls on a weekend it usually becomes a weekend-long celebration) Steve took me out to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.



It was delicious and they also threw in a complimentary dessert, which we promptly devoured.


So far, year twenty-three seems to be off to a pretty good start. I’m excited to see what all God has for me for the rest of it!

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